Dear Guaranty Family,

As COVID-19 continues to be a concern for everyone we are letting everyone know how we are handing the current crisis.

PEST SERVICES: We are committed to protecting our customers and employees. Pest services have been moved to outside only, as most insects can be maintained from outside. Due to services being changed to outside only we are taking $10.00 off all pest services until the COVID-19 crisis settles.

TERMITE RENEWAL INSPECTIONS: Termite contracts are important to keep going and maintain. Due to COVID-19 if you have a crawl space your inspection can still be done as there is not human contact required. The technician will be under the home and payments can be made over the phone. If you have a slab house or basement COVID-19 effects you a little differently as in order to inspect the technician has to come inside, therefore, if you are currently a customer and have a slab home or basement we have made options available to you to keep your contract enforce. Please contact our office to find out those options as we are taking these on a situational basis. We understand that most view this as not important right now, but termites can cause many problems later as we are entering swarm season. Let us help you prevent a compounded crisis down the road.

We understand that MANY people have been laid off of work and are currently facing financial concerns. We are here to help as much as we can. Prayers are with all of our Guaranty Family.

Guaranty Pest Control Inc.