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Summer time can be a very fun and entertaining time of year. People are able to dress up their lawns with flowers, play out side by the pool, and over all just have a lot of fun being with family and friend outside. Outside can be very fun or very nerve racking. When we go outside we invade or jointly occupy the same places as others, by the others I mean insects/bugs. There are many different kinds that you will encounter from ANTS, SPIDER, FLEAS, MOSQUITOES(you know the Alabama state bird right?), WASPS, ETC… These insects can make it very aggravating to try and enjoy the sunlight and the wide open spaces, even Harley (the family dog) can’t have a good time.  Call us today and ask about our PEST SERVICE prices!


Guaranty Pest Control Termites and Pest Services

Guaranty Pest Control

Another insect that can cause a great deal of havoc are TERMITES. Termites are responsible for millions $$$$ of dollars worth the damages each year. They get into your home and eat it right out from up under you (and you thought the teenage boy was bad), this is why those inspections you get ever year are so important. What causes termites you ask? Well, there is not really a “cause” they are just more predominant in the southeast parts of the USA. They are things that make your home more conducive to eating on your home. Thing like: high moisture level, wood touching the ground on your home AKA wood to ground content, siding running all the way down to the ground, and several other items. These things will not guarantee that you will get termites, however, you do have increase risk of getting them. Termites are subterranean and live under the ground and have to create protective tubes to keep them from the elements. This is what make the inspections worth getting because if they can be caught in time, damage could be prevented. Do you have a termite contract on your home? Call us today and get your FREE estimate!


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