Termite and Pest Control

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The time of year is fast approaching for the outside life, the family BBQ, yard work and fun, and just relaxing beside a pool.Then here comes the unwanted visitors. You know who they are Fleas, wasps, carpenter bees, ants, and the worst mosquitoes. They can be a real party killer when it comes to wanting to have the outside living, they even run in the four legged family members. Give us a call at Guaranty Pest Control so that we can make your outside living a little more relaxing for every family member. We offer a variety of services to help control the unwanted visitors that we receive this time of year, from pest control and mosquito service to termite treatments for your home.

Swarm season is also approaching, do you have a contract on your home? Termites cause over 5 billion dollars in damages a year, this is more than most other natural disasters. Termite contracts can help catch them in the act and keep them from doing damage to your home. Annual termite inspections are vital to that process so make sure that you are having your home checked each year, here in Alabama it is not if your going to get termites it is when you will get termites.

PEST CONTROL – We offer a variety of different treatment options and schedules for pest control. Call us today and speak with our pest department  to receive a quote to treat your home or yard. If you would like more information click here Pest Control

MOSQUITO SERVICE – This is a new service that we offered last year in 2016. This treatment is a method to control the mosquito population in your yard. This is a monthly seasonal service, which will run from March to October. If the weather, as crazy as it is in the south, allows for the treatment if you choose we can continue until weather permits. If you would like more information click here Mosquito service.

TERMITES – Termites can cause damages to the structure of your home, for that reason, it is very important that you have an annual contract to help control and prevent termite activity.   If you do not have coverage or are looking to move coverage we offer FREE estimates on contracts. If you would like more information click here Termites.


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