Simple Facts About Wasp Nests

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Wasp Nests

Surely, the scorching hot summer temperatures and days are here. It seems we are having one of the hottest summers in history. As the summer days grow hotter and hotter, you are sure to see a variety of different insects making their presence known in the hot summer sun. Unfortunately, this leads to many issues in your own backyard that can easily rob you of your summer fun. Here at Guaranty Pest Control, we want to share some insight on one of those very annoying, summer pests – the wasp and simple facts about wasp nests.

Insight on Wasps

None of us enjoy spending our outdoor activities swatting away all sorts of annoying summer pests. However, this is often the case. Most of us do not welcome these pesky insects and their nests and are anxious to find the best possible way to remove them and be able to enjoy backyard gatherings and picnics in the summer both by day and night.

There are truly thousands of different species of wasps with most of them being rather harmless. It is important, however, to understand that should some wasp species be disturbed they are apt to sting and what a painful sting it can be. There are a vast number of different types of wasp nests that you may notice on your property. Many times, you will find them in the most secluded of all locations in your backyard. With that said, let’s discuss the different types of nests you may stumble on during the summer months and some simple ways you and your family can stay safe.

Different Types of Nests

Typical insect hives are usually rather large in size, are oval shaped and will usually be seen hanging from various types of trees. This is pretty much the same type of nest you will see for European and bald-faced wasps on your property. Social wasp nests, can present with a truly complex structure depending upon the species and the number of wasps constructing. Typically, you find them having been built on wall eaves, porches, hollow trees, roof beams and even on the underside of your deck. The nests of the European wasps are normally cylindrical in shape and very big in size with some growing to a full size of that of a basketball. The color of the nests can vary from grey and greyish-green to a straw color.

Yet another type of wasp is that of the paper wasp. Their nests resemble hornets’ nests in design, but differ in that they will normally hang in an umbrella shape downwards displaying their honeycomb like cells that are present on the inside of the nest. When creating their hives, the queen wasp is the one who performs the most. The queen wasp will gather wood fibers from various sources, including trees, decks, fences, and even houses and combine these materials together using her very own saliva. These pulpy substances are then used by the queen wasp to create the beginning foundation of the hive.

Wasps are like little architects with some of their structures being composed of very neatly designed cells that are hexagonal in shape. This unique cell structure and shape allows them to use space efficiently and easily piece together compartments, all the while using minimal material resources.

The Lifespan of a Nest

Most wasp colonies survive for only a single season with the queen wasp surviving longest in order to build and develop colonies moving forward. In some geographical locations and in consistent warm weather, however, some colonies may have a longer lifespan. The wasp nests are used but once so if you are trying to keep wasps from constructing their nest in the same place year after year, leave a wee bit of the nest in place after the wasps have abandoned it. This tends to work because social wasps protect their territory and will not construct nests close to other nests. You can even create a fake nest if you choose, to deter the queen wasp from starting any colonies in a specific location on your property.

The Team You Can Trust

We hope this information is useful and helps you to have a better understanding of these annoying, summer pests and the construction of their nests. Here at Guaranty Pest Control, we take tremendous pride in meeting the individual needs of all our valued clients. We strive to help clients protect their home and property from a wide range of insects and pests including the ever so common wasp. We fully understand that insects of all types can be every bit annoying and troublesome. With that said, our specialists are steadfast in utilizing protocols and procedures to remove annoying insects from your home and property quickly and efficiently so your summer fun is not minimized or interrupted.

Surely stinging insects, including wasps, are truly never welcomed or fun. We all know how much their sting hurts and some people are even allergic to these annoying insects. If you live in a number of areas in Alabama, including Birmingham, Boaz, Huntsville, Tuscaloosa, Gadsden, Anniston and Montgomery and find that you and your family avoid spending quality fun time outdoors in the summer months, then rest assured we are the team for you. Reach out to the highly skilled and experienced specialists here at Guaranty Pest Control today.

For over 55 years we have been providing the highest quality pest services to all our valued clients. Treatment we provide includes, but is not limited to, wasp and bee control, nest removals including paper wasp nests, yellow jacket nests, hornet nests and the removal of underground bees and hornets.

Summer is in full bloom and surely you don’t want to lose out on quality time with your family and friends in your own backyard. If you are faced with annoying bees and hornets, yellow jackets or wasp nests, then rest assured we are the team for you. For more information about our reliable and dependable services, or to schedule a service call, give a shout out to one of our team members today. Don’t miss out on all that summer fun because of annoying, summer pests, put your trust in our team of pest control specialists and let your summer fun begin!