Rid Mice and Rats from Your Home and Property

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riding mice and rats

There are a number of annoying rodents of all sizes that can invade your home and property. Whether you have little baby mice or large rats, the common denominator amongst them is the fact that they are nocturnal and are actually rather quick and smart. Certainly, we all would prefer not to have these annoying rodents running free in our homes and on our property. To rid mice and rats from your home and property can most definitely be a bit of a challenge, but not for the pros here at Guaranty Pest Control.

Beware the Cold Weather

With the arrival of fall and winter right around the corner, annoying pests of all kinds may seek to find their way into your home, shed or garage. Though the presence of these rodents can be quite uncomfortable, they can also be quite harmful to your home and family. Mice, rats and other rodents can cause a great deal of structural damage to your home while bringing forth health issues for your family as well. With that said, if you are looking for the perfect solution to rid mice and rats from your home and property, then surely you have come to the right place.

Here at Guaranty Pest Control, our team of highly skilled pest control specialists easily identifies indicators that these annoying pests are present. Obvious signs include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Droppings – If there are pellets that are grain sized and dark present along the baseboards in your house or even in your pantry or garage, then more than likely you have a rodent issue.
  • Noise – If you have heard the pitter patter of scurrying sounds in your ceilings, walls or attics you surely have a problem with uninvited guests. Rodents are nocturnal so you will hear these noises in the evening hours.
  • Footprints – If you have any dusty surfaces in your home and have noticed little tiny paw prints, this is another firm indicator that there are mice or rats residing in your home.
  • Damage – If the electrical wires in your home look as though something has gnawed on them, or even your food packages in the pantry or your woodwork, rest assured this is the work of unwanted mice or rats.
  • Sightings – Rodents will move about from their nest to other areas of your home looking for food at which time you are apt to spot them.

If you have noticed any of these signs in your home, then it is likely that you have uninvited guests making themselves comfortable in your home. If such is the case, it is important you take steps to get rid of them as quickly as possible. The ideal solution is to reach out to our team of professionals who specialize in pest control and management to take care of your existing problem.

Steps to Take to Minimize Activity in Your Home

There are a few suggestions we would like to share here that can help prevent increased activity by these annoying pests in your home.

  • Eliminate suspected entry points into your home – There are a number of ways that rodents can make their way into your home. For starters, they are able to fit through the tiniest of holes so be sure to seal all the doors and windows. Also, make certain that there are no holes in any of your door or window screens. You also need to repair and patch and holes or cracks that may be in your home’s foundation as well as the walls and the roof. They can easily get into your home through all these entry points.
  • Avoid crumbs or food spills – The smallest food crumbs or any type of a food spill will not only attract rodents but will keep them satisfied. Having said that, be sure to keep all kitchen and dining room surfaces clean at all times. Also, be sure to store your pantry food in sealed containers, not bags. Be sure to keep your food storage area uncluttered and organized since clutter can provide the perfect cover up for rodents to move throughout your home without being detected or noticed. If there is too much clutter in your pantry or other food storage area, you will be unable to spot any droppings or signs of any infestation.
  • Don’t leave trash in or near to the house – Rodents are obviously drawn to waste, so be sure to remove any trash from the interior of your home and store it as far from your living space as possible. If you keep your trash receptacles near to your home, chances are that mice and rats will feel comfortable enough to make themselves right at home.
  • Trim tree branches near to your home – Tree branches can be a regular pathway to your home since these rodents are able to climb very easily. Be sure to trim away any branches that come too close to your living space.

When you use these preventive approaches prior to the onset of the cold weather, you can certainly prevent rodents from finding their way into your home or other structure. Each of the above suggestions will keep the pests out of your living space, but be sure when you are ready to rid mice and rats from your home, you leave the pest control protocols to our professionals.

Put Your Trust in Our Team of Professionals

Here at Guaranty Pest Control, we take tremendous pride in providing the highest quality pest control services to all our valued clients in Alabama. From Birmingham, Boaz, Huntsville and Tuscaloosa to Gadsden, Anniston and Montgomery we are on hand to help you rid mice and rats from your home and property.

Our skilled team of experts is fully aware of how fast rodents can multiply and we recognize that if there is one rat or mouse in your home there is typically more where they may have come from. Be sure to reach out to one of our team at the first indicator of rodents in your home so we can take steps necessary to ensure the comfort, safety and health of your family.

We highly recommend you do not attempt any at home methods for controlling rodents in your living space. Rodents carry a whole lot of diseases and have a very quick breeding cycle, which can lead to an infestation in your home very rapidly. With this in mind, we recommend that when it comes time to rid mice and rats from your home leave this important task to our experts. To learn more about how our top-rated pest control services can protect your home and family, or to obtain a free estimate give a shout out to one of our team members today.