Brown Recluse Spiders on the rise. Take action now!

on August 1, 2014 Blog with 0 comments

See on the news this week that Brown recluse spider bites are on the rise in neighboring Tennessee? This is a concern because Fall is usually when we see Brown Recluse spiders the most. Brown recluse spider bites are poisonous and require medical attention.  They are known to live in cold, dark places, so make […]

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The sun is shining and the bee’s are buzzing!

on May 23, 2014 Blog with 0 comments

Summer is well on it’s way here in Alabama! As the temperatures rise, critters come out of the places they’ve been hiding for the winter.  From bees and wasps to fleas and ticks, insects in Alabama love summer! If you’ve found the mosquitos are out of control, the bees are destroying your porch and your […]

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