Common Annoying House Pests

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House pests

House pests

Do you have annoying little critters that are making your life unbearable? Do you avoid your outdoor living space because of fluttering wasps or bees? Or perhaps you have noticed rats or mice droppings in your basement or garage? If you find yourself faced with any of these situations, then reach out to one of the absolute best pest control companies in Bessemer. Here at Guaranty Pest Control, our team of highly skilled and experienced exterminators and specialists stands ready to eliminate all those annoying house pests and help make your home and outdoor space more comfortable and enjoyable again.

Avoid Short-Term Solutions

There are certainly a vast number of poisonous gels, granules and sprays on the market today that allow homeowners to take on the challenging task of eliminating bugs and pests on their own. However, many of these products contain toxic chemicals and poisonous elements which can be extremely harmful to your home and family. With that said, trust the pros here at Guaranty Pest Control to provide you with the most reliable and safe solution for eliminating all those annoying house pests and keeping you and your family safe.

Those Annoying House Pests

The team here at Guaranty Pest Control understands full well how challenging it can be to have your home and outdoor living space invaded by pests of all kinds. Some of the most common pests we handle include:

  • · Termites – Termites are extremely destructive and harmful. They can cause severe damage to your home and property. These destructive insects thrive primarily on anything wood. They are sure to eat through and destroy anything in your home that is made of wood. They will most definitely burrow through doors, ceilings, walls and windows causing extreme damage along their path. Termite damage can certainly bring down the overall value of your home over time.
  • · Wasps – Typically wreaking havoc outdoors, wasps can easily make their way into your home as well through open windows or doors. If your backyard space has abundant wasps present, then rest assured they will in one way or another make their way into your indoor living space as well. They not only have a sting than can be quite painful, but they also build large nests that easily can house hundreds and hundreds of them. These annoying wasps can become a real challenge to homeowners.
  • · Bees – Surely these insects can be quite bothersome. They have a sting that hurts and in the case of the honey bee their stinger remains embedded in the skin continuously releasing their venom causing ongoing pain and discomfort. Though they are somewhat dangerous and harmful, it is important to know that honey bees are actually an endangered species and should not be killed. These bees give favor to walls and siding when it comes time to make their nests which means they can incur damage to the structure of your home over time. Our highly skilled and experienced specialists stand ready to eliminate these annoying pests with our effective extermination techniques.
  • · Rats and Mice – These rodents live in extremely filthy places and carry lots of diseases. Strange as it is, despite their attraction to filth and dirt, they can also make their way into tidy homes and structures. Mice and rats also chew on wiring and can cause grave damage to your home electrical wiring. Their unhealthy behavior can result in costly problems for your home over time.


How Harmful and Dangerous Are Home Pests?

Most home pests are not only annoying, but quite harmful and dangerous as well. Whether they are causing physical damage to your home or are spreading bacteria and germs throughout your living space, they certainly can have a negative impact on the safety of your home and family. When they introduce germs into your home these very germs find their way onto surfaces and clothes as well as furniture and even food.

When your family is infected with harmful germs and bacteria this can lead to all types of sicknesses or illnesses. Some of these illnesses can even be critical, requiring medical care. Other home pests can cause severe damage to your home’s structure that results in costly home repairs. One way or another, annoying home pests can be both dangerous and harmful to both your home and family.

Don’t Delay. Contact Our Skilled Professionals

Here at Guaranty Pest Control our team of specialists has been steadfast, for over 55 years, in providing only the highest quality pest control services to all our valued clients throughout Alabama, including Boaz, Huntsville, Tuscaloosa, Gadsden, Anniston, Birmingham and Montgomery. Our exterminators and specialists use only the safest and most environmentally friendly products and techniques to eliminate all types of home pests. We never use toxic chemicals that can pose a serious threat to your home or family.

If you are a home or business owner in Bessemer and its many surrounding towns and find yourself in need of a highly reputable pest control company for your residential or commercial property then look no further than the pros here at Guaranty Pest Control. Our clients are our number one priority which is why we are committed to meeting their individual needs and providing services that will simply not be matched by any of our competitors. For more information about our top-rated services, our prices and our reliable exterminating products and techniques, reach out to one of our team today.

Don’t let those uninvited guests wreak havoc on your home and family by causing structural damage or bringing harmful germs into your living space. To get rid of annoying home pests trust the pros here at Guaranty Pest Control. Whether winter, spring, summer or fall our team has got you covered. Don’t take the fun out of your outdoor living space or allow those annoying critters to cause harm and damage to your home and property. Contact our team today and let us get rid of the problem and put the fun and safety back into your home and into your family’s lives.